Penne arrabbiata (pasta quills arrabbiata style) is a famous Italian recipe, a spicy hot pasta dish, easy and quick to prepare.The penne arrabbiata (pasta quills “arrabbiata” style) is part of the Roman culinary tradition, even if it’s a dish which has always been prepared also in many other Italian regions: it’s a simple speciality with a strong and spicy taste.
The arrabbiata sauce is a kind of seasoning which has been recently rediscovered; pasta quills arrabbiata style is often used as a night snack to eat with friends, as it is simple and quick to prepare; besides, it’s appreciated by everybody, men and women.Boil the ridged pasta quills in a pot with plenty of salted water; in the meanwhile scald the tomatoes in order to peel them easily (otherwise you can use canned peeled tomatoes); then chop the tomatoes in small pieces removing the seeds.
Brown the chopped garlic and the chili peppers with the oil (1), add the tomatoes (2) and cook the sauce for 5 minutes (3), then add salt to taste.
Sauté the pasta quills with the sauce, then put them in a serving dish and garnish with grated pecorino cheese and fresh chopped parsley.